Zenith Healthcare Access Initiative (ZHCAI) (CAC/IT/NO. 140404)

This is a not-for-profit organization and the charity care platform of Zenith Medical and Kidney Center.

The initiative has been set-up to breach the financial and service access gap for individuals suffering from chronic kidney disease and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among other objectives.
According to the WHO, non-communicable diseases like chronic kidney disease account for 29% of all deaths in Nigeria. Currently, as much as one out of four Nigerians have chronic kidney disease. This adds to the NCD burden in the country and if not properly managed can add to the number of deaths. The children are not spared in the ongoing scourge of chronic kidney disease, as a significant number of them are also affected.

The treatment modalities for end stage renal disease are dialysis and renal transplant. However, several factors such as financial constraints, donor availability/incompatibility, and limited access to post-transplant medication limit a vast majority of patients from having adequate dialysis and/or kidney transplant and post-transplant care.

Nigeria as a lower-middle income country with more than 80% of its people living on less than $2 a day, cannot afford some basic needs like food and shelter, not to talk of quality healthcare. There is a vicious cycle of poverty and health, as those with ill-health are not economically productive and so cannot afford quality healthcare to improve their health, therefore they are unable to work and become even poorer.Our objective is to set up a revolving access fund program via various financial donors that will be aimed at augmenting the financial burden of kidney care on the most vulnerable patients who otherwise cannot afford treatment as chronic kidney disease is one of the most expensive diseases to treat globally.

Dialysis and kidney transplant are the goal standard of treatment for kidney disease so we intend to setup a fund to subsidize the dialysis costs of these patients pending the time when they will have a successful kidney transplant. After transplant we would also assist patients with drug compliance by subsidizing their immune-suppressant medications which will promote the graft survival rate.
In addition, the awareness about chronic kidney disease is inadequate in Nigeria, most people are asymptomatic until they present with complications in the hospitals and it is sometimes difficult to reverse the progression of the disease. We intend to carry out awareness campaigns about the prevention and early signs of chronic kidney disease and other NCDs. As well as partner with other meaningful organizations to reach out to as many individuals with kidney disease that desperately need financial support
To achieve all these we kindly solicit your support in cash and in kind so that we can help these patients live a better quality of life as chronic kidney disease and other NCDs should not be a death sentence in Nigeria.

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Zenith Health Care Access Initiative

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