Modern Healthcare Facility

At Zenith Medical & Kidney Centre, we offer comprehensive healthcare solutions that cater to a myriad of ailments. These solutions are reliable and customised to meet every of our patient’s unique health need.

Worldclass Specialist Doctors

Our doctors are a team of certified medical professionals who are widely experienced across different medical fields. They are professionally licensed to practice and are bound to a strict adherence to ethical healthcare practices.

Reliable Healthcare Solution

Alongside a competent team of medical professionals, our facility is conducive for recuperation. It is also fitted with state of the art equipment that helps to manage different ailments.

Changing Medical Narrative

Zenith Medical & Kidney Centre offers extensive medical services that are in line with global best practices, providing quality medical services that remain uncompromised.

Nigeria’s leading Renal care centre

At Zenith Medical & Kidney Centre, we offer advanced medical services for quality healthcare.

About Zenith Medical & Kidney Centre

Why patients choose
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Zenith Medical & Kidney Centre is a highly specialized medical centre that delivers quality healthcare services in renal medicine and other specialist areas. We operate a 24-hour facility that caters to our patients with technologically advanced equipment and an expert team of medical professionals.


Team Members




Years of Quality Service


Successful Transplants

Innovative medical solutions for Africa by Africans.

ZMKC continues to pursue innovative medical solutions. As a result, we can proffer some of Africa’s best results in:

  • Nephrology
    ZMKC performs over a 1000 dialysis sessions and 10-12 kidney transplant monthly.
  • Urology
    Our patients can access some of Africa’s finest diagnostic and curative care options.
  • Cardiology
    We offer inpatient & outpatient diagnostic services, ECG, Exercise Stress Test, and more.
  • Paediatrics
    ZMKC also manages different types of ailments in infants, toddlers, and adolescents.

What our patients are saying

It's by far the best hospital I have had the pleasure of visiting. My transplant was hitch-free from the first day till the day I was discharged. It feels more like a home away from home and a lot less like a hospital.

Dr. Ipoqah Emmanuel

The hospital does a top-notch service. As far as kidney transplant and service is concerned they are the best in the country and other parts of Africa. They have state of the art equipment. The management team and staff show empathy, personal touch. It is a hospital that makes one feel at home

Mrs. Gloria L.

The hospital is a place away from home. I was thoroughly impressed during my stay there. They have very competent staff and top-notch facilities. Nigeria to the world.

David Isaiah
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